How to Make a Pennant from a Mini Charm Pack

How to Make a Pennant from a Mini Charm Pack

How to Make a Pennant from a Mini Charm Pack


We’ve all seen those cute little Mini-Charm packs and wanted to buy a dozen of them, at least … but the practical kicks in and the question, “What will I do with it?” Here’s the answer to your question! These pennants are adorable, and they are quick, easy, and require no sewing!


Of course, you don’t need a charm pack, you can cut any size fabric into 2 ½” squares. Pennants are a fun touch in decorating for any number of occasions: Welcome Home to Mom and new baby, Congrats on Fill-in-the-Blank, You Got a 100 on your Spelling Test, or It’s Friday! Use your school colors, or seasonal prints. Make some for winter and another set for spring.


Making this a larger pennant is as easy as cutting a bigger square and then following the directions. A fun and versatile ‘no-sew’ tutorial. Suitable for Beginners.


"I absolutely loved trying out the Mini-Charm pack pennant tutorial! As someone who is still new to sewing and crafting, I was a little intimidated at first, but the tutorial made it so easy to follow. I was able to create beautiful pennants for my friend's baby shower using some of the leftover fabric scraps I had lying around. The best part? It required no sewing! I can't wait to try this again with seasonal prints and different sized squares. This tutorial is perfect for anyone who wants to add a fun and personalized touch to their home decor or special event without having to spend hours sewing. Highly recommended for beginners and seasoned crafters alike!"


Here's the link to the project tutorial:

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