Fabric Card Holders

Fabric Card Holders

Fabric Card Holders


You know how you have a debit card, and a few credit cards, and then every shop you go to gives punch or discount cards and pretty soon your wallet is bulging with cards of every type? Do you really need to cart those around everywhere you go? Probably not! These little fabric card holders solve that problem … pick out the most important cards, stick them in the holder and go.


Imagine going for a run after work. Sure, you want your ID on you, and maybe your debit card if you decide to stop for a coffee afterwards, but pockets in athletic wear can be few. Use your fabric card holder, zip up one item in one pocket and go for your run. One caramel macchiato please!


Super gift idea, and a great project for a Confident Beginner. Whenever you give gift cards to your friends or family, put them in one of these!

Here's the link to the project tutorial:

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