Cloth Napkins

Cloth Napkins

Cloth Napkins


When we want to set a nice table, maybe for company, cloth napkins come to mind. But why keep them just for company? Our family is special every day, so why not set a special table for them? Think about a pretty cloth napkin compared to that folded-in-half paper towel and the cloth napkin wins every time!


This tutorial is quick and easy, great for Beginner’s but suitable for any skill level. The napkin is two layers, giving you the opportunity to use two different fabrics for the same napkin.


There are great process pictures in this tutorial, giving clarity to every step in the process. Make some colorful napkins today and surprise your family tonight. They’ll love it! A set of four or six napkins also make wonderful gifts, especially for that person who already has everything. Who can’t use another set of napkins?

"I used to be someone who only used paper towels for everyday meals, but ever since I followed this tutorial on making cloth napkins, I've been converted! It's such a simple project that makes a huge impact on your dining experience. The tutorial was easy to follow, with clear process pictures for each step. I love that the napkins are two layers, giving me the chance to use two different fabrics for each one. I've made sets in different colors and patterns to match different occasions, and even given them as gifts to friends and family. Everyone always loves them and asks me where I got them. Making these cloth napkins has definitely elevated my dining game, and I'm so glad I stumbled upon this tutorial."

Here's the link to the project tutorial:


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