25 Ways to Use Fabric Scraps

25 Ways to Use Fabric Scraps

25 Ways to Use Fabric Scraps


We hit the jackpot on this page! Crammed with some unique projects, really cute pictures combined with quick and easy directions make this a win/win/win! Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find:

  • Cover flip flops with cute fabric and make new ribbon straps.
  • Hairpins with cute fabric buttons on the end.
  • Make your own mousepad! (Who knew?)
  • Sew up a few reusable snack bags.


The nice thing about tutorials like these is the additional ideas they create.


  • I could make a pair of flip flops to go with everything I own! (It’s that easy.)
  • What else can I put on the end of my hairpin?
  • Make a mousepad any size or shape.
  • We need more snacks to use up these bags!


Make for your own use, gifts for friends or teachers, or a giveaway for your own blog. Beginners.


Here's the link to the project tutorial:


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